how to remove copyright theme onepress - How To Remove Copyright Theme Onepress

How To Remove Copyright Theme Onepress

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okay this time the admin Gerak Serentak will discuss IE how to remove copyright in onepress theme in wordpress,Surely you already wear a lot of themes that is perfect for you who have a business website, business portfolio, digital agency, product showcase,template created by famethemes have entered the version 2.2.3 and already in instalisasi more than 80,000 + wordpress users

Here more information on how to create a Theme Wordpres OnePress, or here to download their OnePress

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Surely you guys here want to delete Copyright © OnePress 2019 – OnePress theme by FameThemes if true you guys have right on this blog will tell you guys a step the step to remove the copyright on wordpress

1. Please open the theme editor in your wordpress,and locate the footer.php

2. then locate the “Back To Top ” and search more words onepress_footer_site_info a look at the pictures just add into onepress_footer_site_info1

<div class=”site-info”>
<div class=”container”>
<?php if ($onepress_btt_disable != ‘1’) : ?>
<div class=”btt”>
<a class=”back-to-top” href=”#page” title=”<?php echo esc_html__(‘Back To Top’, ‘onepress’) ?>”><i class=”fa fa-angle-double-up wow flash” data-wow-duration=”2s”></i></a>
<?php endif; ?>
* hooked onepress_footer_site_info
* @see onepress_footer_site_info
3. If you have the save, then check your website, good luck

If the above also or you succeed please share to facebook or twitter friends who know you need too, if you have any perbaikanatau you have other way please let me know